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Some people recommend swishing warm salt water. If you do this and it does nothing and is painful for you, try taking cold or room temperature water and holding it in your cheek. I tried every remedy on this list and nothing worked. The pain was so excruciating, I almost went to the ER. But I drank some slightly cold water from a water bottle I kept in my pantry and noticed the pain went away for a moment. I tried holding the water in my cheek- sweet relief! So I stayed up all night holding water in my cheek to cover the tooth and letting it slowly dribble out. The pain was gone so long as the water was in my cheek. I got to sit there the entire night drooling into a bowl while I waited for the dentist office to open. Fun times! I should add that once I realized that cold helped I tried an icepack on my cheek, but that did nothing.

I ended up getting a root canal that morning. My dentist said if cold water provides relief that's usually an indication that the pulp in your tooth is bad. Hope this helps someone!

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Helped a lot! Thanks


has helped a lot! it is 2 am and I am waiting on dentist to open. nothing else has helped. this has provided more ease than anything else! thank you


Many many thanks .. It helped me a lot .I was suffering from pain for 2 hours in the night. Nothing helped except this ..


Omg I love you! I was dying from the pain! Thank you x100!!!


I am currently using the cold water's the only thing that has helped me..even though relief only lasts for a few seconds..I took so may Tylenol's last night and it didn't help at all..this pain is so severe that I'm actually considering pulling it out myself..just to have some relief..I won't obviously, but that's how desperate I am for some relief..I called the dentist and the earliest app they have is Friday morning..but there's no guarantee that anything will be done for me that day either..she said it's more of an exam than anything idk how long I'll be suffering for..on top of the constant pain I'm also sick to my stomach..Probably from all the Tylenol I took..Idk..I haven't eaten..I puked once already, but still feel crappy..ugh..fml


Ya I been do n this with the water but hard to sleep still so now carzy as it sounds ice and I know wat ur think n but I promise it stops the pain not for long but hey

Karen C

This is exactly what has happened to me! Nothing

but relief from cold water! Yes hey is right!


Dentemp ... cvs family dollars Walgreens cheap place over hole in tooth or teeth like me 3 teeth and swish water after to get relief while placing . be a life savor with cold water .. a add ice strings a little but relief while while stringing idk but it works happy dreams .

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