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One Very Stoked Cat

I have had psoriasis for the past 18 yrs but the last 2 years it got worse getting patches on my torso and scalp/ears and this winter my face.

I have been taking (everyday for the last 26 days)..
1. Milk Thistle 50,000 (Brand: Go Healthy NZ)
2. Vitamin D3 1000 (x2) (Brand: NutraLife)
3. Probiotic 40 Billion (brand:Go Healthy NZ)
4. Flax Oil 1000mg (Linseed Oil) (Brand: Good Health NZ)

I also wash my hair with a baking soda paste - rinse then condition with apple cider vinegar (2 tbspn in a cup of water) and shower with warm water.. no soap.

In 3 weeks I have seen a remarkable difference .. NO itch, No Scales, All patches visably clearing up.
Oh and I also moisturise within a couple of miniutes of getting out of shower and put on patches externally either
1. Hopes Relief Itchy dry skin cream or
2. Xma ease (Brand the Natural Health Giving Company NZ)
but I have been using both these for the past year ....
I also haven't changed my diet at all ..AND I still enjoy my couple of bottles of wine a week. :-)

I thank Anonymous dated 30/3/15 & Kimbol 18/1/15 for their posts of what vitamins they were taking as this is how I came to my combination to try.

Goodluck to you all... I will post again in another couple of months my progress.

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