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Avid reader first time poster. So i just realised this morning the dreaded BV is back after months of pristine vjj condition. Worst timing ever as I've just started seeing someone new! Last time I had BV I was so desperate I had a course of cleocin despite all the dreadful side effects. It worked but it wasn't a pleasant week. But from my experience this is what I would recommend:
Cleocin did work but it totally destroys your stomach so if you decide to go down this path also get some kefir AND aloe vera juice AND slippery elm powder, these will help with the excruciating stomach pains. You also get bad reflux so chewable antacids help.
I am of the firm belief that coffee, an excessive amount of coffee set my BV off as well as sex with a new partner. Pee and shower after sex!!!( Rinse her with cold water and nooo soap) I think apple cider vinegar and the vit c things are only a temporary solution, you may get a few days to a weeks relief but that's it. I just did the tampon in ACV trick (it burned like crrrazy) to tie me over until I see the doctor tomorrow but I really think cleocin will be the go for me again. They say 30% of women who are treated successfully for bv have a recurrence within a few months so I guess there's just no rhyme or reason. I've been slack with the kefir and over doing the coffee so that's what I'm putting it down to! Also, the early symptoms can be confused with thrush. Taking diflucan seems to aggravate it more! Hang in there girls! Maybe there is someone out there with the miracle cure

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