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bv free girl

hey ladies i just want to say BV is the devil lol but seriously i have been dealing with this issue for so long now i got it as soon as i had my first daughter who is almost 4 and let me tell u it has been a real headache although it magically disappeared the 2 times i was pregnant idk no sign of it anywhere for my whole pregnancy thank god but as soo as i have my baby wamm hear it comes again like really any who the only thing that been keeping my v squeaky clean is clean eating ladies like tons of water lots of fruits and veggies i cut out all processed food i no longer eat no fast food or red-meat just baked chicken and lots of fruits and veggies also what i think has truly helped me my nutri blender it can be purchased @ Walmart its a bit pricey like $130 but well worth it at least once a day i make a fruit smoothie with bananas,strawberry almond with sea salt,flax-seed powder that can be purchased at whole foods or it could be purchased at regular grocery stores and spinach leafs sometimes i add carrots to not always but just switching my eating habits helped a lot and sustain from sex while trying to heel i just recently got out of a relationship and always seemed to have it im pretty sure its from eating processed food and pop and juice sugary snacks etc, i didn't always have it but for the most part but ladies if i can heel my bv case which i though was impossible u can heel yours also...if anyone has any questions for me im open i have been dealing with this issue for so long praise god i found what worked for me every women's body is very different. also wanna throw this out there i just got off my period and it was not know weird foul odor surprisingly yaaaassss to happy also make sure your washing daily that's a big factor Im one of those ladies that sweats and is very moist in that area what i found that has also helped my odor is unscented arm and hammer ultra max deodorant its a white deodorant but once u rub it in down there u cannot see it i put it where the hairs grow around the vagina and in between the lips again this is unscented so it wont change you natural smell u will just feel clean down there also i never put the deodorant by the hole lol...again ladies any questions comment love y'all and don't be discouraged:)

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Hello I just same across this forum and your post caught my eye.honestly I believe what triggered my bv was having aex for the first time with my husband 2 years ago when I was still a virgin and than my doctor put me on antibiotics and there was a diflucan pill prescribed too but I swear after my second time having it it became an ongoing spiral of antibiotics,diflucan, and creams or gels.I got to a point where I just gave up sex was so scary because I was to embarrassed although I never had any smell but the itching and embarrassing discharge made me miserable.and than finally i would say about 5 or 6 months ago I did a whole change up.although changing my diet and trying all of these other home remedies sounded promising but did nothing for me.and than I read about fem dophilus for women and omg I swear I've been bv and yeast free since than.that along with finding the right Gyno specifically a woman because that's just my preference it took me a year in a half to find what I truly believe works for me and it doesn't involve drinking or putting anything near or around my golden place.I do believe every woman is different and although medicine may work at first its only temporary.a life long change style is the best cure even though either one can sneak up on you at any given time you just have to be ready to fight back and give your immune system that extra boost.I also take a daily vitamin for women cranberry extract gel capsuls for uti prevention and even garlic capsules to help prevent yeast because that is a nasty infection I would never ever wish on my worst enemy. But it's normally in our bodies and we will never get rid of it but its just our responsibility to keep everything in balance and try not to think about it so much like I do.I swear after a year and a half of me going through it I still get an inch from time to time which turns out to be nothing just dear that it will come back and my nerves will forever be wrecked and I haven't even started having children yet.but I heard it can be 10 times as worst and annoying

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