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With all due respect to all the gushing comments here about home remedies. My experience has been different. I hope this is published as it should be. Here it is. I am in my early 40s. Had a an access develop quickly over 2 days and nights. Tried the warm sitz baths and the turmeric+baking soda+tea tree+coconut oil remedy - several times over the two days. No relief. Things got really sore and painful and on day 3 I decided to go to the emergency services. The admitted me. Administered general anaesthesia. lanced it. and I was conscious in 30 minutes. Much relieved. I don't discount the efficacy of homer remedies but when the pain in the butt starts to scream, its time to find the doctor! Good luck everyone

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I developed a perianal abscess a few months ago in association with detoxing. I went to a doctor and was given a course of antibiotics which at first alleviated it but after the course, it came back. I was given a second course but this time i went to my homeopathic practitioner. I did not take the antibiotics. Instead was put on a remedy (the name of which escapes me) that was designed to make it erupt. From being fairly deep inside, it did just that and a huge amount of gunk came out and the relief was immediate. It continued to regularly vent for many weeks. This is part of the detoxing process as the body collects up the toxins and needs to find a way of getting them out. This is one of them. It is not too inconvenient. You just need to apply Oregano oil regularly to keep it disinfected, a cotton wool ball in case it goes mad and regularly compress it to extract any puss still there. Now it is healing nicely and i feel great not just because the abscess is controlled but all that poison is out. If you take antibiotics, the poisons are retained and need to find another way out. This method is not at all pain


Hi good day this is now my 3rd anal abcsess and all 3 times i had to have surgery. The pain is excruciating a can barely walk or sit or stand. I did try the tumeric and coconut oil but gave very little releif

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