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Jayson hagan

So here's the deal I'm a flat bed trucker whom brushes twice a day before my 14 hour shift and after I've been cursed with my family's sharp fangs all around last week I was tightening a chain with a snap binder when I got hit in the side od the face lots of pain went to the er gave me pain killers that I can't take come to find out I broke a tooth and can't be seen tell I get home in 5 weeks . I can't eat and can't sleep I've tried dentex it burns I've tried everything I can an old school driver said to try big red gum the cinnamon from it helps a little maybe from a 10 to a 5 and room temp water takes it down to a 2

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Vanilla extract


Thieves essential oil with a q tip all around effected tooth or stick a clove between your teeth and bite.


My tooth currently broke too. On top of that my wisdom teeth are coming in wrong. To relieve pain what I do is rub some sensodyne toothpaste in the area to help. When that doesn't work I use oragel (doesn't taste too great, but it helps.) Warm water and salt also helps a bit. And as a hypothetical cherry to top it off, I take some ibuprofen.


Clove Oil: Place a tiny bit on the tooth and this will help to numb the area and give you relief.

Coconut Oil Pull: Use fresh pressed if you can. Swish the oil in your mouth for 5-10 minutes everyday, it will help to keep the area clean and relieve some pain

Arnica & Bella Donna in small doses also help to manage pain.

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