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hi all.. after 5 days of constant and i mean constant pain to were i couldnt eat sleep or even think properly! i tryed SENSODYNE toothpaste all i did was apply a bit on my finger and rubbed it along my gums and into the exposed area and within 1min all pain and throbing was gone!! i was very unsure weather i was wasting my money on it but wow i can actually do things again without wanting to cry :)

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Do u work with SENSODYM


Whether they do or not, sensodyne does work for an exposed root. I thought I had a cavity and went to my dentist. He found that I had brushed away my gum and had an exposed root. He put a bit of steroid cream on the exposed spot and then handed me a tube of sensodyne. Told me to put it in/on the spot at least 10 times a day. It helps with the pain but also helps the enamel on your tooth. I've found it helps with the pain better than anbesol or orajel. Just my 2 cents.


Thank you


I have been in CONSTANT, HORRIBLE pain for like 6 days.. Cannot get into a dentist yet.. I have even been to the ER with this pain.. I have tried lots of Ibuprofen and everything I can think of including sensodyne tooth paste.. This exposed nerve is KILLING me..


I thought Id try this as I have a broken tooth and really bad pain I wanted to cry. I normally brush my teeth with it. But tried some on the broken tooth and now I have no pain. Its amazing


Does it have to be a certain kind? I just tried it and its not helping


It took longer than a minute to work, but once it worked the relief was like a flood. There was and is still risidual pain, but the torturous pain I was in earlier is gone. This actually was the only thing that worked. I had that Kanka 20\% benzocaine, also crushed up a Tylenol and put in on the tooth. Nothing worked. This did. Thank you.


Worked excatly. I ledt emergency room after waiting over an hour thought about sucide when i came across this luckily i had Sensodyne and it worked instantly. Thank you

sam the girl who hates teeth

I have a broken to the root wisdom tooth that is pressing on a nerve. I read this very post and applied a dab of SENSODIYN TO THE HOLE OF THE TOOTH. PAIN HAS SUBSIDED. INCREDABLE IM NOT CRYING ANYMORE. altho its a quick temporary fix i can now go to work. Please try this immediatly if in pain. The toothpaste is around five dollars give or take where u live. Its completely numb. Thanks to the person whom created the original post. Also if u have a cracked tooth.....make a paste with half water half baking soda. Brush the tooth then finish with a rinse of half water have peroxide. This worked for me better than the 40$ i spent on prscriptions for pain/infection. Hold in there you will make it i know it hurts and u cant afford a dentist. Do some research try things ppl suggest u will b suprised.


Worked like a charm. I've been in agonizing pain for 3 days. I had tried mouthwash, anbesol, cold water and nothing helped. Luckily I had sensodyn on hand. Tried this and I finally have some relief! Thanks alot!

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