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Forgive my grammar and spelling!
I just want to share to you guys about my experience.
I'm a 21 year old gay man, my friend and I used to be FU-BU for a year at first I was afraid to contract hiv or anything because we had unprotected sex but for a year no warts or anything and the following year 6 months after our last I decided to have a test but the result came out non reactive so I was relieved. After my FU-BU I met this 2 guys and had protected sex with this them however the condom 'snap' for the both of them (a bit weird why). To cut the long story short...
After them I had an oral sex with a guy and he told me he's only into oral no penetration so i was a bit relieved. Months after that oral sex with that guy i had another hiv test and it turned out non reactive again.

However months again after that test i started to develope warts in the opening of my anal similar to the anal warts I saw from the net, It started from itching then a small skin bumps which grew and followed by another one so i searched for a home remedy since i don't have enough 'golds' to have a clinical remedy so i read that APPLE CIDER can do the trick also garlic and other oild mixed together can also be use.
BEHOLD! In my curiosity I DECIDED TO MIX APPLE CIDER VINEGAR AND MINCED GARLIC AND APPLIED IT TO THE WARTS. At first it was burning hot but instantly the warts reduces half of its size and continually applied it every hour the warts became very soft. So the next morning i checked on it and applied the same thing the warts was almost gone though there are still patches remaining

Ill give you an update soon

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