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I got topical steroid cream on day 2 of chigger bites. By day 4 I didn't notice any improvement. Doc called in MethylPREDNIsone (6 days of a tapered dosage). My bites looked less red and less inflamed by the end of day 1 on those oral pills (day 4 of chiggers). That night I still couldn't sleep so I tried tooth numbing liquid (topical) but it didn't work- I used it one night and it halted the itching long enough for me to sleep 3.5 hours. But last night it didn't work at all. So I spit on all my bites and rubbed it in (not too hard). It stopped itching almost instantly. A few of the worse ones required some more spit but after that they didn't itch for the next 8 hours. They started itching and I spit on them again, brought the itch down by about 95%. Probably works better if you haven't eaten anything recently. Try it. Nothing to lose. Just wash your hands. Also, use gel packs almost every hour, whether you need them or not, but especially when our bites are itching. It really works. I secured the gel packs around my ankles for 10-15 min.

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