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I was dealing with BV for almost 2 years, it was very frustrating and brought my self esteem to the lowest...I have tried so much remedies from vitamin c inserts, garlic both orally & insert, yogurt both orally & insert, hydrogen peroxide soak in tampons & inserted, acidophilus, tea tree oil etc. I got no lasting results maybe just for a week for the most with the hydrogen peroxide. I gave all the remedies a rest & everyday morning I drank a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with half glass of water on a empty stomach, within two weeks my symptoms were gone. Its been two months and no sign of it. I am also a spiritual person so I ask God to heal my body, with the power of God and the apple cider vinegar I am BV free. Eating healthy and regular exercise will also aid in healing faster.

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My moms been telling me to do the apple cider with the mother forever! I also am spiritual. I believe in a way this happens for a reason

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