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Here are some things that have lessened my RLS over the years:
> Take early in the day, stop and/or lessen the dosage for any of these:
- CQ10
- Bee pollen
- Gingseng
- Resveratrol
> No chocolate
(Horrible to say, but it always gives me RLS)
> No sugary desserts or caffeine after 3 PM
(I've switched to desserts at lunch...)
> No alcohol with dinner
(yep, that means wine also.....)
> Stretching the back of my legs.
Exercise early in the evening seems to help.
> Occasionally drinking rosemary tea with lemon and a VERY little honey or agave.
> Adding blackstrap molasses to my diet
(iron deficiency my contribute to RLS)
> If it's really bad, I take a natural sleep remedy. They usually contain valerian, camomile (or some combination) and maybe calcium and magnesium.

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