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matt k

Knowing something about sound and bass; I made my own apparatus. I took a wohl electric beard and hair trimmer, the old clunky huge kind, and a second smaller trimmer. I put one in front and one on side, back wards, with cloth wrapped around the trimmer. Don’t remove the metal trimmer because that actually is what creates the kind of deep low frequencies needed. I then took a subwoofer and while sitting on top of the subwoofer playing prerecording of “ohm” sounds (lots of people chanting Ohm, the ancient meditation sound) I moved the two electric shavers all around my torso and in many places held it. You can feel the vibrations, I imagine and I don’t say this to be gross that a woman’s sexual toy or personal massager would have similar effects. I broke the stone up to practically nothing but powder that showed up in my urine for the next day and one teeny tiny stone. And I know this was no small stone to begin with. It certainly wasn’t a record breaker but at 34 male and two urinary tract infections (first ever) this summer and being diagnosed twice (this summer) with severe dehydration, and a history of salt related medications (adderol and lithium) i know it wasn’t a baby. The pain when it set on was like being kicked in the back repeatedly. It didn’t come in 20 minute waves it was non stop. Ceaseless. I was literally shrieking so bad the housemates thot the neighbors would call police. When I took the shavers to my side…the pain was…not immediately gone but immediately subdued. I could feel it working. No joke it worked you don’t need a super expensive machine in a bathtub to take advantage of low frequency vibrations. Get creative.

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Hi how long did u do this?


So... I just need to blast my entire groin with my most powerful vibe?

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