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Instead of my typing my lifes story about itching and waste your time..
here it is 'Black seed oil', I buy mine from the muslim stores that sell incense yet you can buy it from amazon, or a health food store I think I havn't checked the health food stores yet to confirm. you can also try African black soap.. I buy my black seed oil, and black seed oil soap liquid from a company called
and my liquid African shea butter soap
from a company called mine botanicals

I mix them together on a wash cloth
I use three wash for the face, one for the body, and one for private areas. because the body parts are different and need special cleaning its unwise to mix the private are wash cloth then use it for face. its disgusting and unsanitary. my opinion.
they are all natural not animal tested. we are saving the little bunny rabbits and I feel better knowing that fact.

I have sensitive skin,and the soaps add life and a wonderful fragrance. then after my shower I put coconut oil on my skin. or sometimes shea butter yet Ive leabred when I had a terrible rash and put shea butter liquid on my skin and my skin hurt more.. maybe shea butter is best for skin with no rash. if you have rash you can either let the skin breath and drink chamomile or herbal tea.. or put a black seed oil only on your skin.. it doesnt hurt my skin..
and it cures everything.. I drink it I mix it with other herbs such as aloe vera juice, green health drink and black seed oil is wonderful.. I love it.. if you have a cut or rash ect.. you can dab some black seed oil on it cover it up and let the black seed oil do its magic..
best of health to you my friends and be well..body mind and spirit..

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