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Thank you for all your suggestions. I will be trying out some new ones very soon.
Sorry that I can't suggest a preventative therapy. However, I've found a remedy that's FAST and FOOLPROOF for me. I drink 5 oz. of (salty, garlicky) pickle brine as soon as the cramps start. In less than a minute,they're gone. Yep! It seems 5 oz. is what works best for me, and Clausen is my brine of choice.
For what it's worth, I'm a fit 59-yo employed female nurse without any chronic illnesses. I eat a balanced diet, swim 14 miles a week, stretch frequently, and drink 80 oz water plus 40 oz electrolyte replacement every day. But I'm here to tell ya this 'healthy' stuff is completely powerless against my nighttime leg cramps. They are relentless and scary- painful. So I'm pretty sure you understand why I believe that
Clausen garlic pickle juice keeps me off the crazy train... and I hope it might be helpful to some of you.

Best wishes to all.

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