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Heather G

Ringworm Remedy - Derman Cream
Got ringworm (verified by fungal culture) two years ago and have tried for a year to get rid of it. Tried apple cider vinegar, copper, Acetone, clear nail polish, salt scrubs, prescription Nystatin cream, UV light (got sunburn), bleach (chemical burn), and all available over the counter antifungal creams. Nothing worked just caused a lot of irritation and hurt. Bought Thorne SF722 Undecylenic acid for Candida in my intestines and decided to try opening a capsule and rubbing it on the ringworm. To my surprise it started to turn white and flake off and the itching decreased, however it didn't clear completely up. I was onto something though. Found out that zinc Undecylenate in addition to Undecylenic acid work in synergy to eliminate ringworm. Found that this combination (from Pubmed article) was available in Derman cream. Had to order online because no one carries this. Cleared my ringworm right up. I an too scared to quit using it to see if it comes back but as long as I apply it once a day it seems that it is gone. No more redness or itching just normal skin. I will always keep some just in case they decide to discontinue making it! And I will probably have to keep using because I have a defective immune system. It is very important to have a fully functional one in order to keep this stuff at bay. I hope this helps someone, I researched this site for months and promised if I found something that worked I would let others know!

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Sounds well researched. Thank you.

April Jantz

My ten year old daughter got a very large patch of ringworm on her back (the size of a baseball) after being prescribed Lamisil by her physician we treated it with that for 10 days. One evening while putting my 'hippie lotion' on my dry hands I smeared the excess onto her back. The next morning when I went to treat her back again with the Lamisil I saw that overnight her spot was almost gone! After 3 days it is completely gone!
I actually called the company I purchased it from to ask what in the world that product contained that fixerox it so fast! The owner explained in some very chemistry words that basically their product goes beneath the surface to heal. I know I can't put a link here but hopefully this is allowed. The product is called truEssential extreme cream Mary-Mint. It's made in Waldport Oregon and it definitely was our miracle fix!


Simple (brown) raisin will kill ringworm!!! Give it about a week. Split raisin in half and apply several times a day. This is especially great for little kids if you are trying to avoid giving medications.

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