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So I've never commented on one of these but I felt the need to share my method of victory. I've had bv for about a year and a half now. I'm 21. My symptoms were only excessive discharge and a horrible smell. No redness or itching. I tried antibiotics, came back in a week. I tried ACV, drinking it and bathing in it. Although it helped, it didn't cure. So I decided to get accuflora and some vitamin C pills. I've been taking them daily for about two weeks. They definitely help! Less discharge less smell but still there. So last night I finally decided to insert a vitamin C pill vaginally. I have 1000mg so I cut one in half and stuck it as far as I could, I used a tampon applicator to push it up even more. Woke up this morning with no discharge no smell. there was a tiny tiny bit of discharge at the end of the day but no smell whatsoever! I just inserted the other half and I'm going to continue for a week. So happy I found my cure (: good luck ladies

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Make sure you don't over use it. I did the vC as well which was the best cure I found! But now it no longer works. Make sure you switch it up a little so you don't get immune to it!!


This is so frustrating and scary. That so many of us our suffering!!! For no real apparent reason!!! What makes us different? What happened or what are we doing? Is it something else entirely and it's throwing everything else off? Would you say those who suffer from bv also suffer from depression anxiety stomach problems etc?


Me too, I am still suffering BV for about 3 years from now,I don't know how to cure it. I am always visiting your site and searching for the right answers. And best advice, but I'm afraid to try it without doctor's permission. Hope you guys will give me the best suggestions so that I'll get free with the BV. I will appreciate if someone will give me an precious advice.


The vagina has plenty of natural bacterial activity in it. BV is essentially those bacterial levels not being balances. That doesn't mean you did anything wrong or you were chosen for some reason. I've been suffering for a while, but I also understand it's a natural thing. I think I'm going to try this vitamin c with rose hip, because I've heard from a number of people that it works!


So what brand and kind of vitamin c are you buying I want to try this like today

Help me please

How often do you use the vitamin c? How many days?


Your suppose to use the vitamin C for only 6 days. One inserted every night. Im currently doung so. Hope everyone gets results they looking for.

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