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I've been dealing with BV for the past 2 months now and can't afford to go see a doctor so I've been stressing BAD.
I tried garlic (insertion and by mouth, capsules and cloves), and I tried coconut oil, neither seemed to work. So. I went out and bought apple cider vinegar. Yesterday I soaked a tampon in the vinegar, swallowed a couple Garlic tablets, cooked myself some healthy food cooked in coconut oil, and had yogurt afterwards.
Woke up this morning and it's pretty much GONE! No smell, no discharge, no more irritation.
I'm going to continue this for a few more days just to make sure but it definitely worked. And it worked FAST! I've been so happy today.

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I have been dealing with BV for about 3 years, BVdoesnt really go away it has flare ups, but you can keep it at bay. BV happens when there's a PH imbalance in your vagina. The only way to really help your BV is to restore your PH balance to normal levels so the bacteria can't grow and make things worse , smell, discharge , discomfort during sex. I tried prescriptions from the doctor, seen my gyno, tried garlic, douches with HO2 and Garlic, creams, everything. My gyno told me that these things only work for a limited time by temporarily changing the PH artificially (douches,cream) and prescriptions kill all the bacteria creating more imbalances in the vagina, so the BV will return again more than likely because your PH will be off. She then told me to try PREVEGENE , this has been a Miracle, seriously. It's 250mg Vitamin C I just ask for it at the pharmacy and in Canada it is about $30 and not covered but it is worth it ! When she told me it was not covered I was discouraged but I just went anyway as I was desperate I couldn't even have sex with my boyfriend or have me touch me to close to down there. I didn't have any burning and you do it for 6 nights. Just insert 1 pill into your vagina daily And voila!!! It has been the only thing that has worked for me. It's now been 5 months and I've had no fishy smell, no discharge nothing ! I am so happy I can be myself and not feel embarrassed and my boyfriend is happy too. To maintain my vagina I use 500mg Vitamin C (no flavour/ equate brand from Walmart/ small white pill) vaginallly every week at night just to maintain a healthy PH and I have been good ever since. I have friends who also just use the Vitamin C 500mg at night for about 2-4 nights and been in the clear and a bottle of 100 only costed me $5. Try vitamin c 500mg vaginally for 3 days at night with a panty liner, there will be slight discharge and I haven't experienced burning, make sure you use your finger and push it all the way up, feels gross but is much better than having a fish odour, good luck

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