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The first time I suffered perianal abscesses was in my early 40s and only a month after having surgery to remove my hemorrhoids! I went to the emergency room to diagnose and treat these extremely painful anal boils, something much more painful than the hemorrhoids! To treat them, I went to the emergency room and the surgeon lanced them without anesthesia and wow did that HURT!

After a pretty painful month dealing with both issues, I haven't had anal 'issues' till just a few weeks ago.

Suddenly I started feeling the 'boils' develop just under my sphincter. Even after 20+ years, I knew exactly what would follow ... something I did not want to deal with again by going to the emergency room for surgical lancing of the abscesses.

Ergo, I searched the Web for a homeopathic solution, including this website. So I thought it only appropriate to share the resulting methods used to deal with very painful experience.

To say the least it was VERY effective, providing drainage and relief after only one treatment before going to bed. I didn't even require a sitz bath before :-) So without further ado, here's the treatment method that's getting me GREAT results.

1st, and most important, make your poultice.

Poultice Ingredients:
* 2 tsp turmeric
* 2 tsp baking soda
* 2 tsp coconut oil
* 1/4 tsp or 15 drops of tea tree oil

1. Thoroughly mix all ingredients in a small bowl, preferably glass, to a smooth paste consistency.

Next, start treating the abscesses.

Treatment Method:
1. Take warm shallow bath or sitz bath with epsom salt for 20-30 minutes. Re-filling with warm water as necessary.
2. When done with bath, pat and dry the area with a towel or cotton cloth. Never allow infected area to stay wet.
3. With a q-tip or other type of swab, apply poultice directly on abscess, spreading it over the entire area.
4. Cover or stuff gauze into area so it won't easy fall out.
5. Use powder or cotton in your inner wear to keep area dry.
Ideally, do this three times a day with the last before going to bed. If in the morning, the abscess hasn't begun to drain, repeat daily till it does.
Note: In my case I started before going to bed, not even taking a bath and the next morning the abscesses had already begun to drain :-) However, I did have to change my bed sheets ;-)

To help promote proper healing I'm finding what you do after the abscess begins to drain is very important.

After care treatment:
* After drainage begins, as necessary, gently wipe affected area with soft cotton cloth soaked in hot water and rubbed with hypoallergenic soap. The last thing you want now is a cleansing liquid or bar soap that causes irritation to your skin!
* Hot compresses can also help the healing process by enhancing blood circulation and diluting the infective toxins.
* As with the treatment, never allow infected area to stay wet.
* Daily nutrients and drinking lots of water and fluids can also help dilute the toxins that still remain while mitigating recurrences down the road. A daily multi-vitamin is a good place to start.
Here two PDFs on after care, regardless of whether you decide on surgery or home remedy:

Ongoing Preventative Management
* Take plenty of water and fruit juices to avoid constipation
* Follow hygienic measures in your ongoing cleansing and caring for the area.
* Get in the habit of passing stool twice a day to avoid strain to rectum and anus
* Don’t strain while defecating. It is better to have semisolid stool for easy defecation
* Sitz bath – After passing stool, take a warm sitz bath with salted water for 10 minutes. In a pinch you can use a hot rinsed soft cotton cloth rubbed with hypoallergenic soap to keep the area hygienically clean.
* • Avoid nylon underwear and use cotton ones
* If you do get another attack treat abscess immediately. Don't wait!!

I hoped the above helps those in need of relief and thanks to everyone here who've shared their challenges and solutions :-)

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It worked for me! Guys, I had a Cyst or boil looking thingy literally right next to the old disposal area. I was in pain and couldn't walk, cough, laugh without extreme pain.

I stumbled upon "Lars" post and followed it to the tee. I was one cab ride away from going to the hospital to get lanced and have to face a very embarassing problem.

I sent my lady to Wholefoods to get all of these ingredients and applied got on it right away.

I applied 11am on Tuesday and noticed relief right away but I was still in pain. I would take an epsom salt bath every 3 to 4 hours for relief and reapply. I added more then 15 drops of tea tree oil and maybe did 20 instead of 15 drops as lars says.

I would take the epsom salt baths also to check the progress and I noticed it started to flatten out gradually.

I woke up in the morning and felt great. The cyst acutally drained over night but I didn't realize it because the stinging from the paste gave the wound pain. Please make sure you have one of those portable mirrors to look at your cyst.

The damn thing flattened out and drained! I'm now in process of aftercare and focused on keeping area dry.

The funny thing is I had irritation down there but thought it would pass. Please ACT fast and don't wait until this thing becomes huge.

This worked for me!


I have a problem, I don't have a bathtub.. mine popped last night and it's still painful.. i think it is draining. But should I still put some mixture or just let it be clean? Help me! I'm desperate! I don't want to go to the hospital. I don't know what to do. If I put the mixture again, would it get worse???

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