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The first time I suffered perianal abscesses was in my early 40s and only a month after having surgery to remove my hemorrhoids! I went to the emergency room to diagnose and treat these extremely painful anal boils, something much more painful than the hemorrhoids! To treat them, I went to the emergency room and the surgeon lanced them without anesthesia and wow did that HURT!

After a pretty painful month dealing with both issues, I haven't had anal 'issues' till just a few weeks ago.

Suddenly I started feeling the 'boils' develop just under my sphincter. Even after 20+ years, I knew exactly what would follow ... something I did not want to deal with again by going to the emergency room for surgical lancing of the abscesses.

Ergo, I searched the Web for a homeopathic solution, including this website. So I thought it only appropriate to share the resulting methods used to deal with very painful experience.

To say the least it was VERY effective, providing drainage and relief after only one treatment before going to bed. I didn't even require a sitz bath before :-) So without further ado, here's the treatment method that's getting me GREAT results.

1st, and most important, make your poultice.

Poultice Ingredients:
* 2 tsp turmeric
* 2 tsp baking soda
* 2 tsp coconut oil
* 1/4 tsp or 15 drops of tea tree oil

1. Thoroughly mix all ingredients in a small bowl, preferably glass, to a smooth paste consistency.

Next, start treating the abscesses.

Treatment Method:
1. Take warm shallow bath or sitz bath with epsom salt for 20-30 minutes. Re-filling with warm water as necessary.
2. When done with bath, pat and dry the area with a towel or cotton cloth. Never allow infected area to stay wet.
3. With a q-tip or other type of swab, apply poultice directly on abscess, spreading it over the entire area.
4. Cover or stuff gauze into area so it won't easy fall out.
5. Use powder or cotton in your inner wear to keep area dry.
Ideally, do this three times a day with the last before going to bed. If in the morning, the abscess hasn't begun to drain, repeat daily till it does.
Note: In my case I started before going to bed, not even taking a bath and the next morning the abscesses had already begun to drain :-) However, I did have to change my bed sheets ;-)

To help promote proper healing I'm finding what you do after the abscess begins to drain is very important.

After care treatment:
* After drainage begins, as necessary, gently wipe affected area with soft cotton cloth soaked in hot water and rubbed with hypoallergenic soap. The last thing you want now is a cleansing liquid or bar soap that causes irritation to your skin!
* Hot compresses can also help the healing process by enhancing blood circulation and diluting the infective toxins.
* As with the treatment, never allow infected area to stay wet.
* Daily nutrients and drinking lots of water and fluids can also help dilute the toxins that still remain while mitigating recurrences down the road. A daily multi-vitamin is a good place to start.
Here two PDFs on after care, regardless of whether you decide on surgery or home remedy:

Ongoing Preventative Management
* Take plenty of water and fruit juices to avoid constipation
* Follow hygienic measures in your ongoing cleansing and caring for the area.
* Get in the habit of passing stool twice a day to avoid strain to rectum and anus
* Don’t strain while defecating. It is better to have semisolid stool for easy defecation
* Sitz bath – After passing stool, take a warm sitz bath with salted water for 10 minutes. In a pinch you can use a hot rinsed soft cotton cloth rubbed with hypoallergenic soap to keep the area hygienically clean.
* • Avoid nylon underwear and use cotton ones
* If you do get another attack treat abscess immediately. Don't wait!!

I hoped the above helps those in need of relief and thanks to everyone here who've shared their challenges and solutions :-)

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I'm in agony! Started about 3/4 days ago and was told it could be an ingrown hair from a friend but reading everyone's comments I'm sure I have an abcess. Yesterday before reading this I tool some ibuprofen which helped with the swelling especially then went into town to get the ingredients (my mother in law runs the local Jan De Vries health shop) once I had read this and it did seem to help so I changed it again before bed but have been up the whole night in pain since. Mine hasn't formed a head yet, does this remody help it form one so it can be drained or am I doing the completely wrong think if it hasn't formed a head yet? I was so desperate for this to work as I HATE hospitals so really don't want to go down that route if I can help it!

I would appreciate any advise at all!



You should try this remedy.


Thanks for sharing..this really drained out in 3days..last day i applyd only tea tree oil.the very nxt mrng it drained.this really works to wonders.


Hi, Did anyone experience the growth of head coming back within 7 days after drainage of pus. Did anyone experience if black tea, coffee, red meat, smoking causing it more within 7 days after drainage. I am having this issue since 1 n half year and willing to try this home remedies. I am very frustrated this weekly problem and don't want to put myself into surgery. Please confirm. Thanks


I tried this paste and wow! Near immediate drainage! It's a miracle remedy for a horrible abscess I had in the worst possible place, which was making me miserable. Can't thank you folks enough for this.


I made the tumeric paste as per the post, took a sitz bath for 20 minutes, dried with a hairdryer and applied the paste. The procedure does not state if the paste should be kept on. After about 2 hours, the pain started and when going to the toilet I saw that the paste turned red, is this correct? It did not look like blood. I took a shower then and cleaned myself and anal area with non allergenic soap and is now scared to put the paste on again. I am also drinking some Oregano /Olive Oil soft capsules, eating yohurt with honey (small bowl), drinking lots of water. I have prepared the drink of tumeric, garlic and coconut oil but now I am a bit scared to drink this with the red colour of the tumeric. I do have a severe case of haemorrhoids and has been struggling for years now. Please just let me know if the colour changes of the tumeric past to red is normal and how long should I keep the paste on at a time?


If your asking about turmeric color than yes it get red as its normal. Secondly, the best time to apply the paste is at night before going to bed after sitz bath but you could do it during the day, it's better. AI am following up this home remedy as well. Finger cross if it will work.

Grateful Mom

Thank you!! Thank you!! for sharing this amazing home remedy. It worked. My son, age 16 developed his first anal abscess in Feb 2016. The kid was too embarrassed to tell me what was happening, when he was in extreme pain, he had to choice,but to let me know. The family doctor told me to take him to emerg, as the size was too large to be treated at the clinic. He had surgery, missed almost a month of school, as he could not sit. Now almost 2 months later, it is beginning to close, with packing every 2-3 days . Mid March, we noticed another one developed, and was starting to grow fast. I could not bare to see my son go through that again, so, I desperately searched the net for a natural remedy and I came across this site. I was willing to try anything natural. I researched the benefits of tumric (natural anti-inflammatory) tea-tree oil (natural anti-bacterial) coconut (moisturizer),it gave me hope. In 2-3 days, I noticed the lump started to rise and then by the end of the week, it popped, there was tiny hole and the pus started to drain. After two days he was able to go to school. The doctor still recommended packing like the first one, but the pain was nothing like the first, he is almost healed in half the time and was able to continue to do daily activities in a matter of days. Thank you for your poultice recipe, it really help my son. Very grateful.


Mine feels like it may be draining, but it's also bleeding. It was a deep abcess that turned blister like, and now has a sore in the middle of it. This paste stings like crazy, but will do anything if it helps. Should I be seeing pus?


I'm a bit confused. I have a recurring perianal

abscess. it is about 1/2 finger up inside the rectum.

Do I apply this paste on the outside of my body, so near the anus? Or am I applying this internally (rectally)?

Thank you. Desperately seeking an answer & healing

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