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Sesame seed oil works. I have a broken wisdom tooth with the nerve exposed. My mother in law gave me a tiny bottle of red cross tooth ache medication. And after looking at the label. Its the only ingredient. Be careful not to get it on your face because it Burns. But it really WORKS!!

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Clove oil is what my oral surgeon recommended. Ask the pharmacist for it. OTC. No prescription needed.


There are two types of red cross toothache medicine the bottles are the same and tiny and the labels are practically identical but when reading the ingredients, one bottle will say sesame oil and one will say clove oil. If the stores or pharmacy's by you have it,it will be by the ora gel,tooth paste,mouth guards etc...


Sesame oil is the inactive ingredient in what you used. Eugonal (aka clove oil) is the active ingredient. As for the second type of red cross product, that one uses an analgesic, similar to what Yuo would use on a burn to numb it. Clove oil one is used for exposed nerves (cracked, broken teeth), the other is just your basic tooth ache numbing liquid.

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