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I know this sounds weird but big red chew it enough to get a little juice from the gum then put it on the gum where the tooth hurts I have tried a lot of things but within a few seconds the pain is gone and I'm not talking about just a little pain I'm talking about the worst pain I have ever felt in my life gone in a few seconds well worth the price of a pack of gum

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You should have used a capital letter at the beginning of your sentence. Correct punctuation guy.


What is a big red? an apple?

or big red chew?

Please clarify so your suggested remedy can be useful.

Thank you.

Grammar Troll

Correct Punctuation Guy, you couldn't even write ten words without making four errors.

[P]lease use punc[t]uation if you insist [o]n using horrible gramm[a]r.


Big Red is a cinnamon chewing gum

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