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I'm on a college campus so my resources are limited. This is my second OB and while it's less excruciating than my first it still keeps me up at night...this is day 4 without sleep. I started my antivirals today, I've tried ice but it hurts to even press the ice/cold pad against the area. I have no bath tub to do sitz baths in and I pee squatting over the toilet because that's the way the least amount of urine touches my sores. I got a prescription from my gyno for lidocaine and it worked miracles during my first OB but it hurts to apply that normal? Please someone help I can't take another sleepless painful night

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#1 OB going through hell

Why don't all you scammers stay the hell off this site?! We are real people with a real disease that is excruciatingly painful...if you can't tell us something truly hopeful then shut up!! Quit trying to scam desperate people out of their money for b******* that don't even work! This makes me so angry that I can't even see straight

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