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I'm adding this for people like me who were so desperate to sleep that they are beyond home remedies. I did everything and was still up all night. Literally. No matter how tired I was, I just couldn't sleep. After a lot of doctors and analysis we've determined that my sleep/wake cycle is virtually backwards. It's something that can't really be changed naturally. Many people have just gotten into bad routines that have led to insomnia, but SOME were born with it. I was one.

If that's the case, please see a doctor. They aren't going to send you to do a sleep study. I personally think a psychiatrist is the best choice simply because they know of the largest variety of drugs available. They aren't going to insist you go to talk therapy if you don't want to go. I've tried numerous sleep medications. A lot require 7-8 hours of sleep. But Seroquel literally saved my life.

The things I do do to try and fall asleep are the following: stick to a routine at night.
Don't expect to fall asleep sooner than I'll be able to. If I have to get up earlier than usual, I still know I won't miraculously fall asleep at 9pm the night before. If I go to bed and try to sleep I'll just drive myself crazy. So even if I have to wake up earlier I don't go to bed much earlier. Maybe 20 minutes.
Don't insist on having everything planned out for the morning. I used to think it'd be easier to sleep if I had the next morning planned out. If I had my clothes picked out, my bag packed, etc., but in reality it actually made me have anxiety and made it harder to sleep. So instead I woke up 5-10 minutes ear,ire and just did all that stuff in the morning.
Make it okay to take a nap. Sometimes it's a lot easier to fall asleep and wake up the next morning knowing you can nap the next day. Even if you end up not having time to nap, giving yourself the option takes some stress away the night before.
If you're exhausted one day and need to sleep in on a weekend, do it. I know they say it messes up your schedule, but if you really need the rest once in a while, get it when you can. It also helps me fall asleep when I think to myself 'in 3 days I can sleep in.'

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