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After wisdom teeth removal I had a dry socket that was the worst pain of my life. I went to the dentist for packing 5 times in one week. It helped, but only for about 4 hours. By then, the dentist was closed. Pain meds helped a little, but not enough.

Here's what helped. Tooth ache kit from the dug store with eugenol oil. Don't get me wrong, the pain didn't go away, but it did subside. Then it felt like a really painful canker sore (which I found out I also had in that back corner!!) instead of a giant hole of exposed bone. The kit had small cotton pellets that I dipped in eugenol oil and then placed in the hole for one minute before removing. About 5 minutes later I felt better.

But, it burns your gums, tongue, cheeks, etc. horribly. Doesn't hurt the bone, but basically anywhere else it's like fire. So you have to squeeze off the extra oil, make sure there's none on your fingers because they inevitably end up touching your cheek, and be really careful. I put a small piece of gauze in on top of the cotton pellet. It virtually eliminated all contact with my tongue. I definitely recommend that. Before I did that had a lot of trouble, but that helped a lot.

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Sounds super awesome!

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