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Lemon water. Lemon water. Lemon water!
It's so fast and very simple.
Only thing is if you don't drink it every day, it will come back.
I just drink some iced lemon water in the morning and it subsides it.
For now this is what's working, but I will eventually look into the other more permanent remedies.
This site has been really cool and has showed me that BV is really not that uncommon and it can be treated. Keep being awesome, ladies. :)

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Bye Bye BV, you will not be missed

Too much soap and I got bv, the smell was horrendous plus the itching and burning. I went to the doctor to confirm bv after the yeast treatments didn't work. He gave prescribed an antibiotic that had side effects and would take days to see relief. I needed immediate relief, especially from the smell. I tried a 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water douche after reading a study done by the government. It worked immediately. No smell, no discharge, no itching.... I will continue for a week. Safe, no side effects, inexpensive, dependable.

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