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Purchased these items;
-small glass vial
-pure apple cider vinegar with mother
-TCA at 50 percent
-a 1 ounce pouch of mandrake root powder (podophyllum peltatum)
-bottle of 70 percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol
-bottle of Celandine Oil
-bottle of Tea Tree Oil
-1 Avoca silver nitrate sticks
-6 rolls of 1 inch medical tape
-3 boxes of cotton swabs
-4 bottles of 500mg AHCC capsules

Now I have had planter warts for 20 years. 3 mosaic patches and 6 individual warts spread on right foot. Only one wart on left. A tiny one. Anyhow because of this I have spent around a thousand or more in products fighting these things to know end and deviating results.
Im a swimmer and getting wet all the time hasn't helped.

I took the glass vial and scooped 1 teaspoon of mandrake root powder into the vial. Then I added 1/4 teaspoon of tea tree oil. 1/4 teaspoon Celandine oil. 1/4 apple cider vinegar all into this vial. Put its lid on and shook it to mix. Then removed lid again and added 1/2 teaspoon of Tca undiluted from it's 50 percent form.
In the extra space of the vial I added the rubbing alcohol. Closed it again and shook. This jar had to sit for 4 to 5 days before the mandrake powder broke down good.
While waiting for that I did two rounds of the Silver nitrate Avoca stick on my warts and covered them with the medical tape. Each treatment had a twelve hour gap as it is extremely painful. I so started taking 2000mg of AHCC a day. Both 1000mg in morning and 1000mg at night before bed.
By day 4 I cut off with a disposable scalpel, the Black dead layers of skin left behind from the Avoca stick. I cleaned the areas with rubbing alcohol. Next I applied petroleum jelly around the outside of all the warts so my new mix wouldn't spread.
Now taking a cotton swab (1 swab per wart and do not contaminate your mix by double dipping!) I applied this mix to each wart. The swabs in the trash add up but its worth the safety to do it as I wrote above. The thick goop you leave over the wart is just fine as long as it's centered well. It won't be perfect though so hold swap directly into the wart at 90 degree angle for a moment then roll the swab at a 45 degree angle for the thick goop to roll off over the wart.
Cover all warts with medical tape. And cover with a sock.
I personally bought colored socks so the colored socks go on my bad foot and the normal socks on my good foot. I never wash them together either.
Now you will want to apply that goop daily and possibly twice a day if you can handle pain. I'm so used to the pain it doesn't hurt me anymore.
After a week solid of doing that and also replacing the tape everytime you apply new goop... Let it breath for a weekend and possibly cut off the top dead skin if comfortable. Then hit it again at the same pattern. I'm at 4 weeks and now I'm getting new skin on my foot. I'm continuing in the areas I know where my plantar warts were for an extra week to two weeks to be sure they are totally gone. But its a relatively comfortable treatment. My biggest moment of pain was rather random a week ago. My whole foot at one point was pulsing like it was beating with my heart. Lasted a few minutes than sharp needle pain for another 20 minutes. Then nothing. And ever since that, my warts have been vanishing. I'm still going at it to make sure.
I may consider a final treatment with the Avoca stick but its looking rather well for me.

Do not forget the AHCC supplements. May become a permanent thing for me even after the warts are gone.

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