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Hopeful for healing

Roughly 4 days ago I got the life altering news that I would now be living with GH for the rest of my life. I was devastated. This news brought pain to me, but not like the physical pain that came from the sores. My whole downstairs department is sore and covered with blisters. THIS IS THE MOST PAIN I HAVE EVER BEEN
IN. I can not walk, sit, pee or do anything really without being in tears. The worst of it all though is going to the bathroom. It's gotten to the point where i hold it in all day so I won't have to go to the bathroom and feel the excruciating pain. If anyone has some input on how to make going to the bathroom easier and speeding up the healing time, please let me know!!

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I have lived with GH for six years now. My first breakout was by far the worst and was incredibly painful and uncomfortable. Since then I have only had 1 minor breakout that was much much less severe occurring during a period of high stress which is a catalyst for a breakout startup. I do not take any prescriptions, but rather focus on improving the function of my immune system to assure that I am always at my prime, which not only I believe keeps me from having reoccurring breakouts, but also prevents me from getting sick in general for a year or more at a time. Not only do I ensure that I eat well rounded meals high in foods like kale, beets, dark greens, & proteins (even better begin making smoothies with things like turmeric, raw honey, greens, your favorite fruits frozen, bee pollen, protein powder such as hemp, & any extracts you might be interested in: helps with weight too), I also take whole food vitamins regularly including Vitamin D, C, and Synergy brand multi, bone, B, & eye care. Exercise also helps relive stress and improve my body's function. Meditation or yoga would also be a plus. The key is nutrition and keeping stress at bay to live the most comfortably in my opinion. It has been at least 5 years since my last minor breakout and I truly believe the above actions are what keeps them at bay. Hang in there and know that GH is surprisingly common with one in six people having it ( Also I have been with my same partner for about six years and they have never contracted it, not saying that is doesn't happen, but just hasn't in our case.


Why don't you try try Indian medicine. It works for my BF. Just use neem paste, neem oil, etc.

And watch your diet and find out what triggers your outbreaks. Be stress-free.


My BF tried Ayurvedic meds after reading a book by Richard Teddy Frank. It helped him. Unlike others this author doesn't ask tto sign up or subscribe. It is a very genuine book. Ayurveda is good. No side-effects. Many other benefits like glowing skin and nice hair when we take them.

I started having some of the meds just to get better health. He doesn't sell meds. Just gives name. We can buy ANYWHERE we want.


Sit in a tub of water when you pee. It will really help.


I understand how horrible it feels to hear the news. It happened to me a few months ago. The first breakout was excruciating, but breakouts after that are MUCH less severe (in my case). My doctor recommended using a squirt bottle to shoot warm water on my urethra while I urinated as the pain was so bad. It really helped. Also try soaking in Epsom Salts. It will get better, but still not a fun thing to live with.


Rinse with water during urination.


As others have said, warm water helps when urinating. Be sure to keep the area as dry as possible too, this will help the lesions heal quicker...Use the blow dryer after peeing and showering. I was diagnosed at 21, now I'm 46. The first outbreak is very painful, others are not, and as the years go even less. Now its just a pain to have, occasionally. Hope you feel better soon :)


Hi i know it sounds like it will hurt alot but if you drink alot of water it will sting less because the urine is less potent. Iv been in your situation, after every urination i would use witchhazel wipes.

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