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So i have a really bad YI ( im a male ) not on the tip but the skin ( they didn't cut it when i was born ) okay first of all it started like a few months ago like just a very small dots like when you shave with the cheap razors but than they multiply & keep growing last time i was at the DR i told her about ( they didnt hurt or itch or anything they were just there growing & growing ) so she gave me this cream anti fungal but it didn't work at all so i came to this site i read about the Garlic so i cut the garlic n put it raw where the small dots where in one week they were gone got really read so Last night it got like 3-5 huge bumps on the skin n started itching n burning like im in flame i stop using the garlic cause it made it worse went from the very small dots to like some huge bumps red it looks like im infected n it burns all the time and itch too idk what else to do im trying the Apple cider vinegar for the burning but idk what to do don't have money for the Doctor it burn couldn't even work well today it just keep burning n its red swallon what should i do ? Any help please i will really appreciate it thanks

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Please go to a doctor baby they cannot deny you care.

Go to the local clinic

possibly you have Herpes,sorry to say.

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