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lucy roz

Over 5 years ago, my back molar, bottom, broke. Piece by piece it came off, until there was this little peak left. Each time using SESAME OIL I keep in my fridge as a tooth RINSE seemed to ease the pain. Then the molar next to it broke - PAIN. A dental filler found everywhere eased the pain until the filler came out. 3 days later, it was unbearable. Emergency room, antibiotics, narcos and numbing shot. Another 3 days later it was fine. That was two months ago. Now I bit on something, and renewed pain, but not as bad as the first time around. If I use the back molar repeatedly for chewing, I get pain. So I made a Chlorohexine solutions from a pet supply shop at .16%, Sesame oil in the mouth for at least 20 minutes, Dollar Tree dental filler, and I remain pain free. Hopefully I will save 700 for a partial and get these two broken molars replaced. That should be sometime next year, at a low cost dental clinic that is booked up for two years.

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