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Have older children suck on a sugar cube to help with a cough.

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My child was crazy after the suger cube! The suger cube almost made it worse! She almost choked on it! FOR A COUGH?!?!?! I prefer dimatap!


Sugar makes Coghs worse !


sugar thickens mucus and make is worse for healing. Bacteria will feed on the glucose molecule and will encourage a bacterial infection. this remedy should be taken off this web site. the only thing sugar cube sucking is good for is creating cavities.


Dont do this! Your cough will only develop sore throat with it which will make it worse


As if any of these people know.


If sugar is so bad why arn't you all complaining about all the honey remedies? It is the same thing you know?


honey is NOT the same as sugar. honey is much more complex. its been used for centeries for treatment and preventitive measures of so many diffrent alliments. look it up!


I think this is a silly remedy and although honey is a sweetener, it is not the same as sugar.

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