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Well I just got detected today that I have herpes and I'm having a breakout I use the bathroom and I just start crying because it's a horrible pain it's been 3 days I don't know what to do and worse of all I don't know how I got this I've been in a committed relationship for about a year and I'm just now having this breakout. I'm still waiting on my results but I just can't stand this pain I'm going through I want to kill myself!

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I too have became infected with what seems to be Herpes on Monday evening which initially I thought was bad thrush but returned on Tuesday to my GP when I realised there was blisters outside and ulcer like lesions inside. She has taken a swab and results won't be back until next Wednesday at least but I am 99.9% sure it's herpes.
I'm finding urinating under the shower hose helps with the pain but only slightly more bearable than urinating normally. This also helps keep the area clean and then I pat dry using a clean dry flannel every time. Every opportunity I can I wear no clothes and let the air get to it. Started my anti vitals on Wednesday morning which I think has stopped any more blisters appearing and today I've noticed that the ulcers inside are no longer yellow colour but raw red and showing signs of blood dots too.
At the moment I feel like the world has ended for me. I just want the pain to end but then I face the experience of starting a new relationship with this hanging over my head (or down below so to speak) in the future.
Websites contradict themselves on saying your contagious when the blisters are apparent but others say you can be contagious at any time. None of them are clear as to how long the ulcers will stay until they start to clear up. I am of the understanding the anti virals I have been prescribed do not clear it up only stop them from spreading.
I've only ever caught a cold in my life. So this has made me feel so disgusted with myself to say the least.


Sorry to hear that ... I got cold sores my first breakout was when i was 12yrs old end up in the hospital didn't know what to do or what it was .. But the doctor give you pills for it which it help only with prescription which it sucks ... But look i buy this pills online amazon for my immune system to help fights the virus is call ( monolaurin)
Raw Coconuts VEGETARIAN pills i buy it from the brand SUN ... Take one pill like every two day like one monday another pill Wednesday etc when you stress out or you are not eating good than take them twice a day they work wonderful for me ... Also go to the doctor he gonna give you some pills for it acyclover have a bottle with you just in case when you feel it that is coming out drink one of them with n drink 2-3 coconuts pills a day it help me alot thanks god I haven't had a breakout for the last 3 years thanks god i used to got one every 3months before i find that out ... I tried everything before findinng those pills ... Good luck hold your head up the more you think about it or stress about it the long it takes to go away hopefully this work for u god bless ....

stay strong

First off herpes is really easy to catch . If someone has a cold sore on there mouth and you drink from there bottle you can get it. If someone touched a sore and touched u right after in a open cut you can catch it. You can catch herpes from anyone not even knowin they have it because some people are just carriors and dont break out. Theres to types type 1 and type 2 . Type 1 ugually a cold sore. But if someone with a cold sore goes down on you below you can get it on your vagina part. Type two is ugually down below more then one sore. Also dont cry about it . Lots of people carry it and dont even no they do till theh stress out and cause a break out. Also if your parents had it and had a vaginal birth they could of passed it on also. So many ways you can get it. But personally i cried about it let it get to me and i got fired. To relize it happens. With out even knowing. You could of got it not from your boyfriend could of got it from sharing a cup or such. I found if you take a apple cider viniger bath. It helped with the inflamation and pain i did that almost every night till sore was gone. Hope this helps and makes you not feel so dirty and grossed out.


I also was diagnosed recently. Have been in a committed relationship for 11 years, so the virus can lie dormant.

Peeing is the worst thing ever. I have screamed a few times because the pain is so bad. I've tried two things that have worked to make it better. First pat some sort of cream on the sores, I luckily got Lidocane, from the dr. so I used that. Then cut a drinking straw in half and place that directly below your urethra. Then when you pee most if not all the urine goes down the straw and not down your genitals. It is strange, but it works and I would highly suggest it. I understand how painful it is. It is the worst ever.

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