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Josiah zinyongo

Hi guys..I discovered mustard by coincidence. Was having some crabstick with mustard then i realized that my toothache had disappeared. English mustard works like charm.just apply it around the painful area, instant relief.

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Josiah, I read your tooth ache pain remedy and im not a fan of mustard but that really worked for you?
hmm...maybe I should try that out thank you for the post


It really works😱


I have been suffering from toothache for two days now. My head hurts so bad. The only thing I can do is see my dentist tomorrow so I'm over this horrible pain.


I've been in agony for days almost nonstop, painkillers don't work at all and I've hardly slept due to the pain. I'm only after reading this a few minutes ago and rubbed mustard around my tooth in inside it (lost the filling) and the pain is now bearable, thank you so much for posting this :-)

Bryan the Lion of Zion

Yes sir this worked for me. I just moved in a new house, in a new town, in a new state. Came here with just about nothing. I do have some mustard though and so a I had no other choice but to try because my tooth was aching that bad. It has been bothering me for a few days now and I have been OK with the minimal pain but tonight it went off the Richter pain scale. Mustard it was and mustard it is. All I have is regular yellow and that's all I needed. Pain was gone in seconds. Thanks for the tip it really worked.

Toothache fixer 9000

Ughh rlly late N horrible toothache, get rid of it fast by eating a painkiller,rinsing ur mouth out with Antiseptic mouthwash, Brush the tooth that hurts with toothpaste, rinse mouth out with warm water, and finally sleep on a towel. This may seem like a lot but it isn't takes away, ALL OF THE PAIN???? hope it works


earlier,i was looking for apple cider but saw mustard instead. i wanna try it but i was hesitant until i saw your post. i just put mustard right now. immediately, the pain is going away. i still feel a bit sore and im not sure if it is because i am aware that is hurting and has abscess but for sure it is bearable. thank you for posting this.


Wow always trying things all I had was yellow mustard it eased the pain to be bareable thanks

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