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I had about 100 plantar warts on my feet a toes for about 15 years. I tried everything! Duct tape, apple cider vinegar, lemon oil, tea tree oil, oregano oil and the normal doctor recommended remedies. Nothing worked. I keep searching on the Internet and finally was desperate enough to try soaking my foot in bleach. It worked! I soaked my feet, scrubbed off the excess skin and then soaked my foot in about an inch of bleach. The warts started disappearing the next day. I kept soaking and scrubbing and in about 10 days, they were gone! I promised that I'd Imever found a remedy that worked, I would share it with others. God Bless.

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Katie,did you soak your foot in pure bleach or did you water down the bleach a bit? How long did you soak it? I will try your method, sounds quick and effective.


Hi I had plantar wart on my thumb as a size of a corn when I was 13 years old. My mom made me use “apog” a filipino term, I think its called in the US as an “agricultural lime” (white powder mineral) but I don’t know where you can buy this stuff.

First, nip the infected area to make it bleed.

Combine a small amount of lime and pea size of water to make a thick paste and spread it in the area. It may sting and a bit itchy which mean its working.

Let it dry until the paste absorb all the blood. You can repeat this as much as you want but I suggest before you sleep so you can wrap it in gauze with cotton buds.

The warts will start to dry and nip the dry area and repeat the process. For the following days, it will just to come off.

Using this “apog” is very safe ’cause this stuff is very common in Filipino household.

Let me know if this work.


A thin slice of garlic taped to my foot began to shrink my planters wart on my foot. Although it burned at first I knew it was working. My boyfriend hated waking up smelling garlic but it helped shrink my wart on my foot. Within a week I began to notice change in diameter/growth.


Karen is right. I'm from Philippines and i used to have lots of warts on my fingers. Apog removed completely my warts overnight. Seems impossible but i've experience it. Apog you can buy infront of Qiuapo church.

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