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Please, please do not be suicidal!!! Life is much greater than genital warts. Besides, there are so many reported remedies by people, for example, using apple cider vinegar, that you have to be solution-minded and not give up. Additionally, they can fall off on their own as well. Don't know if you know that. Make sure you research it well and also read about people that say they have been cured of it through the ACV. It is not the end of the world. I also got genital warts from a guy that I lost my virginity to when I was 21. I was devastated and prayed a lot as I believed and believe that God can do anything. Back then, I wasn't of the mind to just look on the internet as it was just coming out back then. I am 48 now and it was a long time ago. I do remember that it manifested within 3 months and I remember living with it for about 8 months. I don't like telling my story because it is rather personal and many people do not believe in supernatural events. Although I believe that if you believe in God (Jesus as His Son and God Himself), how can you not believe in miracles too? Well, I had just bought a new apartment. It was morning. I heard a voice (not audible, but within me) ask me 'Do you want this?' I was like 'No!' I didn't think anything of it. I thought it strange just because I had experiences where I felt that I had heard the voice of God, but it was always familiar like,comforting and I would always be in awe and it always addressed something I was going through and gave me peace and a solution. (This was not a frequent occurrence. only a few times) But this voice was rather unfamiliar and normal, plus I was half way sleep and even when I answered back, it was like my spirit answered and not my conscious will. Kinda weird. So I thought nothing of it; But it was either in the same hour or within a couple days. I don't remember because it was so long ago, the warts turned black and fell off. Now, I know that warts can fall off on their own. Perhaps this is what happened. Nevertheless, if you are not a believer, perhaps my body knew that they would come off and communicated that to me. But that is what happened. However, I was still skeptical and didn't believe that the entire infection was gone for quite some time afterward. But when they didn't return, my faith increased. I ended up getting married some years after.for almost 10 years and divorced unfortunately. My ex-husband was a minister and I told him what happened prior to us marrying and he believed me. Long story short, they never came back. My ex was fine, never infected (as far as I know). At least not while we were married. Now at about 47 years old and about 8 years after my divorce, I let my health go and I believe that is why they returned. I couldn't believe it though! I was like 'God, I thought you healed me.' I had felt something down there around December and didn't think to look. Then April of following year, I guess they grew a bit and was irritating so I looked and couldn't believe it, but was not devastated this time. Been through too much to be devastated as I suffer from BiPolar and have learned over the years to chill out when things happen whether inner or outer problems. So I prayed and prayed again. The wart got significantly smaller. But this time scheduled an appointment with a gynecologist (couldn't at 21, not enough courage although it would have been the wise thing to do) who looked at them and said Oh, yes, its warts. But just a few small ones. She said Come back and I will remove them. So I did, but I kept praying. The warts kept shrinking and going away. When I went back two weeks later, she did not remember what I had looked like before down there, just that I had had warts. When she looked again, she said Oh, just two little ones and she removed them. She also sent them to the lab to make sure they were not Cancerous because I had bled all month of December and I told her that. I hadn't gone to see her that previous December because of my age. I thought I was going through menopause. Anyway, I had kept praying and didn't stop. When the lab results came back, she said Oh they were just polyps. They weren't warts. I was kinda upset but still somewhat relieved. But I know I had warts and I believe they are very different from polyps. But I also know that prayer changes things. So anyway, despite the fact that there are no more warts, I have felt constant irritation down there since April. It is now Septemeber. I started taking Apple Cider Vinegar baths. I love it because, normally I get hives all over and take a daily anti-histamine for it. But with the ACV baths, I don't itch for a whole day and the irritation decreases. So I am addicted to ACV baths. Lately however, I have been spraying down there with mostly ACV and a little water and recently used cottonballs with ACV on it as so many people attest is a cure for genital warts. There has been a diminishing of irritation and I keep praying and expect it to go away soon. Anyway, I have never told this story in all these years. I hope you don't dismiss it because I said I was diagnosed with BP in my twenties.By the way, God has blessed me to learn how to manage that naturally as well and I have been doing so successfully for well over 10 years (BP). I believe in medication and am not saying that going natural will work for everyone, but though I struggle from time to time with BP, no one around me knows it,(although when I was younger, my family certainly knew it; couldn't hide it) because I have simply been managing. Once I asked my doctor for medicine and she said 'Well, let's see how you do without it since you have been living without it for so long now. And if it gets worst, I'll prescribe it.' But, please remember there are answers and cures for most things. And when you have exhausted your resources, pray to God even if you don't believe. He will show you that He is real regardless if your faith is shaky or not. He is my Strength, my Rock and my Peace of mind. Remember to read your Bible whenever you can.God bless you always!

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thank you so much... this is truly helpful and gives me hope. i will keep praying for me and you.


Thanks for your story! I feel like it made me happy to know.

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