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Become a Vegan!
Why? Because it is the only true solution to your jock itch problem, I had it for 1 1/2 yrs and it was hell! Never has anything been more annoying than this, I Tried many many many things even home remedies, but I came upon the ph balance diet and the starch solution and I learned that many foods can make your body acidic, all animal food, no surprise there... I was shocked! But happy to try a truly new thing that I had never thought of, so I tried it, I became a vegan 3 months ago and once I gave up all the animal products I am finally fungus free, I live in NYC where it gets pretty humid and on humid days my fungus is non existent, try it and you won't regret being fungus free in your jock,

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More like explanation - you went vegan, probably lost a bunch of weight including around the affected areas which allowed for more air circulation and dryness.

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