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Okay so I recently went to the gyno and had a full std panel. To my surprise it came back positive for hsv 1 and hsv 2. Its been about a month since I got that news and I guess I'm having my primary outbreak currently(I'm going on day 3) and this is seriously the most painful thing I've ever felt. I started my valtrex yesterday. I think the worst thing is when I have to pee it is excruciating. I also have been having to pee quite frequently so was wondering if that was normal. I've been drinking normal amounts of fluids. I have found that aloe Vera gel with lidocaine relieves it a good bit. Also warm Epsom salt baths as well. I really only don't hurt when I'm sitting down or laying down, and with my work I stand all day. Does anyone know of anything to make it not so painful to pee? I'm seriously in tears every time I go. I've also started taking a daily combination of vitamins to hopefully help my immune system. I really hope after this initial OB that it won't be this bad because this is ridiculous.

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just a women.

Okay so ive had my first out break of hsv2 and I am taking medicine. Will I always he hurting? Even when I'm not have g a break out? I just want to know so I know what to expect. Also, i was given a week's worth of medicine. This is KY third dY taking it. How long should I pronounce it's not working before I try something else. Also as many others have said it does clear, but tends to come right back. For your first is that normal


Might sound gross, but to help with going pee use a cardboard empty toilet paper roll or a funnel shaped objective so the pee only touches that instead of the sores. With this sort of pain, nothing is beneath me trying to help ease the pain. Also the warm Epsom salt bath or aver no oatmeal bath works wonders. It is actually very common disease, don't feel ashamed of alone. I am 33 years old and was diagnosed when I was about 21-22. It is more common than people think. It does not make you any less or a person because
You have been diagnosed. It means you have a medical condition and you can seek treatment to heal it. Don't beat yourself up over it. Hugs to all of you. We can't change the past, only improve the future


Regardless of what the lady above said 'Margaret'. You do not die from lack of treatment. If a newborn baby contracts it during childbirth, that is the real danger so always be honest with your doctors. In 3rd world countries, it has been know to be spread to the eyes and can cause blindness, but we have running water and soap here so just keep your hands washed excessively

Mary 654

I am 19 going through my first outbreak and I have something that appears to be is yellow discharge . I can't go wee it hurts so much . Does it get any better ?! My Dr prescribed me voltex it's my 2 day with it since she did not prescribe me lidocaine I went out to buy a spray I still don't feel any better to be honest how long does it last ? What can I do to ease the pain when I wee?

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