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Learn to masturbate. I am not kidding. If you have an intense orgasm, one that makes your legs stiffen and toes curl, your problem will be over, for that night anyway. Doesn't cost anything, isn't bad for you, no side effects. Just try it.

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I have being doing that for years every night and it does help get me to sleep but do not stay asleep


Before my RLS worsened this knocked it out cold every time. Now it still helps but only to an extent.


Ditto...still helps, but not always!


This does help until the RLS is severe. I have severe RLS right now caused by withdrawing from methadone for chronic pain. Never let them put you on methadone, Neurontin, or benzodiazepines as they are addictive, harmful to your body, and when you go off them the withdrawals will make your previous RLS look like a piece of cake.

The good thing is that now that I am off methadone I actually can orgasm for the first time in 10 years. Boy did I miss that.


"Blind" Oracle didn't your folks tell you about this?? Bwahaahaa! Agreed on method, though!


Blind Oracle speaks the truth...IF you're not too distracted by the RLS to achieve orgasm, it does work...especially the prolonged tantric variety!


as silly as that sounds it is positively true. learned it years ago when i started getting symptoms of rls.

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