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Hello everyone! I once had a dry socket from a wisdom tooth I had just had pulled at the dentist. I would NEVER wish that kind of pain on anyone!!! I've had 3 children naturally, a few broken teeth, some really bad cavities, knee popped out of place and in a leg-length brace for up to 6 weeks before and NONE of that compared to the pain I was in with that dry socket! I bought anything and everything I could find, asked everyone, searched every website, etc. FINALLY, I learned about clove oil. Next thought: I hate cloves more than just about anything! I decided the pain was so unbearable that I had to do it. I finally found some in a health food store and it was **wonderful** despite being disgusting! My pain was so bad that I had to administer even the clove oil at least 2-3 times per day (24 hours), but it was the ONLY thing that even came close to touching the pain! What caused my dry socket? The pain meds the dentist gave me for having the tooth pulled! The made me sick to my stomach and, as hard as I desperately tried not to, it made me violently ill throwing up. There went my blood clot! Right down the drain! I'd heard about dry sockets before so I know exactly what had happened but the pain was beyond anything I had ever imagined! Bottom line: Clove oil!! Can be found in Natural/Health Food stores and probably small-town type 'real' pharmacies. Good luck!!

P.S. - I found my way here tonight because my already very broken tooth made another major break tonight. I was looking for any and all remedies to avoid the pain. :-)

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If your using clove oil its not going to fixing the problem use tea tree oil with it that with draw out the infection clove oil just numbs it works every time and eventually goes away till you can figure it out

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