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So.. Um hi. I'm a 21 year old female with what I'm sure to be GW.. I think I finally admitted it to myself a few months ago and slowly began to seek ways of getting rid of it on my own seeing as I don't have insurance and my axniety is through the roof. (I skipped appointments even when I had insurance so I didn't have to be around people.) I've only been sexually active with one guy and I'm pretty sure I got it from him.. But I've recently started seeing a guy I most definitely see a future with and I really need help.. I tried ACV and it burns but they only turn white, much like pimples and all I want to do is pop them. (Of course I don't though.) But I've already been leaving the ACV on overnight and then spreading tea tree oil over the entire area. I also take baths in a mixture of hot water, ACV and tea tree oil but they're still there.. I'm really starting to doubt I'll be able to rid them and to my horror after a bath in ACV,( I hadn't done it in a while.) I see my vaginal lips swell and little white clusters appear everywhere. I have about 6 medium sized ones and I couldn't even tell you how many small ones around my vagina and anus.. I'm slowly losing hope and absolutely no one knows about this, thoughts have crossed into the suicidal state and I just want to be able to find what I was looking for in the guy that did this to me.. I'm not quite sure on what to take vitamin wise so help in that department would be greatly appreciated. As well as any treatment suggestions. I don't want this to take over my life.. I'm willing to try anything at this point.. Thanks in advance... -A sad soul.

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- a sad soul

Also.. I'm a heavy smoker.. Maybe a pack every two days? But that along with marijuana and I don't see myself being able to stop due to a high stress job.. I just really need help please.


I would have them froze off regularly until they are gone. Remember they are a result of the Human Papillon virus so get a vaccination. Always be honest with your sexual partners. You would want that and wouldn't be suffering if that guy had. Always use protection, unprotected sex isn't worth dying for. No gynecologist will think ill of you to come in for therapy.


Dont worry I was recently diagnosed with them about a month ago i noticed a small bump about 6 months ago but thought it was a hair bump and that turn into one right on the bottom of my vagina entrance and two small ones but I was able to cure two of them and the biggest one on my entrance of my vagina is significantly smaller. I went the whole natural way but I do have a doc appt next month. But you have to completely stop smoking. To build your immune system start taking one a day vitamin and multi minerals for women. They ranger for 3-5dollars the cheap one works just the same. Then you need to start taking garlic pills here is a website they are about 3 dollars( Next I went to a dollar store and purchased Witch hazel its usually buy the alcohol and peroxide section get the solution. Then take a cotton ball or gauge and apply it to the warts and tape it down to stay in place and keep on for about 20 mins and do it twice a Day. I hope this works for you because I started seeing great results within 5days


I've been in a same situation as you.. Please just pray to GOD! And it can COMFORT you! :)


Hurt but stronger now!

Hello, I have genial warts and had been seeing this person for 4 1/2 years. I never had anything like this before. I am 59 years old so when I started having burning, dryness, ect... I just thought I was getting old, but I still had sexual relations with him and was happy. Then one day I found one and went to the doctor. They did an incision and sent it off for biopsy. I was devastated when they called me to come back in. I cried and cried and cried for weeks. I felt I had been betrayed. Yes I even thought about sucide. I was 59, felt like a germ. I told him about it and we still talk but we haven't had sexual relations. I am currently doing treatment with a chemo cream which makes me sick at times but I'm too scared not to use it. I'm on a prenatal vitamin, B12 shots, extra vitamin c and I take a probiotic for immune health. I''ve changed my eating habits and have gone back to the Gym. My doctor has advices me to get turmeric spice and use in my cooking. This fights inflammation in the body for good immune health. I found out I had them in September and I still am fighting it but they are deminishing. I finally am starting to feel better. I was pretty sick for a while. Almost done with treatment. Also my ISO smear came back negative for HPV so I've had my first shot of the Gardisil 9. I have 2 more shots to do. Even with me being 59 they said this was a new shot and I could have it. Also the shots are free. Insurance companies are paying for them. It was so embarrassing to get my pharmacy to order them in. I've jumped through hoops with this but I'm getting stronger. I don't know if we will get back together but still talking and he's getting himself checked and treated as well if needed. I hope my story had helped someone out there. I'm just not going to give up!


Hello there. I was in the exact same boat so let me suggest it may be herpes or even a fungal infection that isn't too common. It could literally be anything. The ones that turned white are definitely genital warts but the red clusters sound like herpes. Get checked Hun


I feel you i just got about two weeks ago in terms of cures I'm mixing combo of the medication and natural treatment and I'm also taking vitamins, although I has stopped for a few days I'm going to be right back on them tomorrow morning. as for dating there are dating sites for people with STDs on one is if you want to try that you're definitely not alone I'm on and I have met people who have been able to answer some of my questions and just talk to get my mind off of things. it's a great support community too

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