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I ended up getting gw from the guy I lost my virginity to. He was a cheater so I guess I should have seen it comming. I've had gw for about 9 months now. Tea tree oil inflammed my skin. Acv was just way to painful. I was reading online an someone said to try products with salicylic acid. Well I went to Walmart and bought the equate liquid wart remover. Plus it has castor oil which is said to help with warts to. I put some on one of my many warts an it turned white. I'm hoping if I continue with this as well as a aveeno eczema repair lotion it will help.

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did the wart medicine really work?


I had genital warts in in December 2014 and I tried everything the first week to get rid of it, I ended up going to the CDC and getting a big wart burned of with nitrogen, I also had two small ones and they did the same thing. Dam warts, I heard about ALOE VERA gel for the immune system and for scar healing. I ended up buying aloe leafs and and getting all the gel on my genitals and under my foreskin of my penis. It worked magically, i didnt have an out break of warts till again till this past november, I only had 2 very small white warts appear. what a sad day again, its been one year and i heard its normal to take 2 years to clear and i pray that it happens for me. i'll pray for a vaccine of warts soon

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