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I have had many experiences with tooth aches and I have tried just about I think every single remedy.. one thing I can certainly say is different remedies work for different people. My husband has had several tooth aches also so in meantime of getting them pulled... Remedies it was. The asprin paste worked great for me last time and I tried everything the vanilla extract the ice in the hand which I thought was crazy til it had actually worked for my husband tonight.. lol. I thought it was a long shot. Hey doesn't hurt to try. It actually worked though I read it a long time ago U just take a cube of ice and hold it in the opposite hand from which your tooth ache is on. And he has even been taking pain relievers the good kind and they only work for few hours going to get it pulled tomorrow thank God I need some good rest too. But my advice is try different things. U never know what will work. this is a great website. Thanks good luck ouch.

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