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Okay so last night at 1 am my top tooth at the back flared up nothing worked at all 'NOTHING' oil of cloves, gargled salt water,mouthwash,both hot and cold packs against my face, crushed up asprin and dabbed on affected area also tried this with panadol or paracetamol tried doing this with ibuprofen to no avail I also nearly overdosed on the tablets also none of this worked so i said to my family the only thing i have not tried is eating they laughed ohh that will make it worse... I felt like cutting my own face off so I went to the fridge and grabbed a glass of milk then looked at the fruit bowl and seen a banana.. i decided to peel and try chewing on the banana the milk had better effect than holding water in my mouth... wow i may be on to something here i said to myself at last some relief after chewing on the banana little by little the pain subsided and i could at least lay my head down at 4:30 am and get some sleep. I woke at 8:30 little pain and tried some more banana and again relief thank god!!! booked an emergency appointment with the dentist for this afternoon he seems to think its an exposed nerve on two teeth. But all in all the banana and milk gave me some respite give it a go it may work for you too good luck i feel your pain :/

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Thank you.!


I never expected the banana to work, but it did!!! I'm an RN and was very skeptical! Thanks for that advice!


Working so far thanks


omg it really does work thanks ????

Ali Haze

Theres also a gel called orajel you apply it directly to the tooth but i tried the milk method and it really worked cheers !

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