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Trust me ladies!!!! Am back to my normal life that's am totally free from vaginal discharge.past two years I took lot and lot of medicines to get cure from vaginal watery discharge.after taking medications the relief might be for some days and again it will come back after the next menstural period.became tired of taking all I stopped taking medicines long back and using panty liners or napkins for long time.two months back I have gone through a website about home remedy for vaginal discharge.i was just thinking about to give it a try. Let me tell you the remedy came like a boon in my life that day.that is none other than the flower hibiscus.the family name Malvaceae.what I did is took 10-15 flowers along with leaves and buds.boil it with two to three cups of water and make it to 1 it and drink it.i was taking this hibiscus juice nearly one month daily empty stomach in the morning.
Also nowadays am taking 1 cup of curd with fenugreek seeds which gives the cooling effect to our body.
I believe it will definitely help you damn sure.if u have doubt just search in google hibiscus for vaginal discharge.this is an Ayurvedic treatment.give a try ladies and share ur experience.

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Sick of BV

There is nothing wrong with having "vaginal discharge", it's also more commonly referred to as "cervical fluid" and it is very important for your body to be producing this. Please specify if you're in fact writing specifically about BV discharge, as opposed to the normal discharge your body is supposed to be producing. Ladies, if you just have regular ol' discharge coming out of your vagina, be happy! If your cervical fluid has an unpleasant odour, then you need to go to the doctor and get a diagnosis. But avoid taking the antibiotics they are subsequently going to try and prescribe to you.

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