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David Ong

This is not cure, but it really worked for me for 8 mths to reclaim my life. I have hemorrhoids since 2012, and bleeded furiously at times. I have tried several methods to cure, tried pushing in the piles using KY gel during work or soap when bathing. But no success. Then one day I tried using wet tissues to push in. Worked like a charm! Even when I have diarrhea and had to go toilet 3 times, it still worked!!

Right after my bowel business, I would clean up using a wet wipe (pref the flushable type - otherwise do not throw into toilet bowl).

Then I take another (mine is 19x20 cm) and fold it into half, then fold again.
Position 2 fingers onto the center of the wet wipe (now quarter-sized) and push gently into anus.
I would push at the center of piles (I have 2 big and 1 small, the smaller one most painful).
Push gently in, while relaxing your anal muscles. Then withdraw fully, then push in again.
Repeat one or twice more, then begin targeting the piles, pushing them in.
Total of 6-8 times shd do the trick.

But why wet tissues? Because they provide enough traction to draw the piles in, but wet enough to make it painless, and tough enough not to break.

1. Experiment with different hands when pushing. I used to do it with the hand I normally wipe with, but my first finger started to ache after 3 months. Then I tried the other hand, and behold, angle is such that it is much easier to push in. And because it takes less effort, my finger of that hand has not ache even now.

2. Squeeze your anal muscles gently after the piles have been push in. If you feel a slight sensation of piles being drawn in fully, then you'll know it is done. Even if not, as long as your piles is no longer painful nor interfere your life, it shd be considered ok.

The whole thing only takes one more min in the toilet. And by using flushable wet tissues, it is so convenient, you can just throw into the toilet bowl, at home or outside.

Thanks for reading my post. If it is helpful pls pass it on.

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Margaret Evans

The only solution for hemorrhoids to me was THD surgery.

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