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Like most of you other ladies, I don't usually post on these sites. I first got diagnosed with BV almost a year ago. My Gyn prescribed Flagyl and that took care of it for about 3 weeks. After taking the antibiotics again and it coming back. I got tired of paying all that money for the pills. I tired the apple cider vinegar baths and that wasn't very much help. Finally, after getting sick and tired of being sick and tired, I went to the grocery store, bought a 4 pack of plain Activia yogurt and squirted it right in my vag. Let me tell you ladies...the very next day, the smell was gone, the pain was gone...The BV was gone! After one day! I'm going to continue with this 'yogurt therapy' for the next 4 days. I'm a living witness! Yogurt works!

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Hey, maybe there's hope! I'm right where you were, twice! Except I hadn't figured how to do the squirting of the yogurt! Where can you get an applicator, if ya don't mind my being so dang dumb??


use a tampon dipped in yogurt, or a yeast infection applicator.


Hey How long do u have to keep putting the yogurt up there ?


Use a empty douch bottle with nozzle. The yogurt will squirt right out.

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