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I have had many ongoing side effects of chicken pox. The pesky painful blisters is one of them. Someone told me about Lecithin. It is nothing new ... discovered in the 1800s I think. Now, it is used in many different ways. Look it up. I take one every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is very rare that I have to take more. BUT, IF I GET THAT LITTLE TINGLE AND THE FEELING OF HAVING A LITTLE FEVER WHICH USUALLY PRECEDES MY BREAKOUTS, I GO TAKE LECITHIN EVERY 6 HOURS. Sometimes this is enough to completely avoid anything worse out of this episode. HOWEVER, IF THE BLISTERS DO APPEAR, I USE A SWAB AND GENEROUSLY PUT ON A COAT OF LECITHIN OINTMENT. You can put this on as often as you like.

You can get Lecithin products at probably all health food stores, many other stores, and online. I just happen to get mine from Puritan Pride. I really like to support the health food stores but my budget is very small. Therefore, I get what I can online. Just be sure that the place you buy is reputable. If you need information, then the health food store is the place to start if you don't have a doctor who will guide you through the alternative medicine path.

We are so blessed to have a family doctor who grew up as the son of a missionary doctor in South America. Our doctor was educated in the US and then returned to practice along side his father. Pharmaceuticals were rarely available. But, the vegetation around them supplied most of their needs. Thus, they have a treasure trove of information and experience in the alternative field.

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