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I woke up one morning with a DEEP BURNING ITCH on my right foot and toes. I looked to see what the problem was. It looked like my foot was on fire from the top of my arch to the end of my toes on both top and bottom of my foot. By evening, I was nearly crippled from the swelling and pain. This was the kind of itch I wanted to scratch with an ice pick! I went to the pharmacy and came home with 5 different OTC remedies. I was on a mission to get rid of this! Little did I know that my money was wasted! Not a one of those items even slowed it down.

My husband said it looked like the athlete's foot he saw when he was in high school gym showers and dressing rooms only worse. He said the coach always said apply Vicks Vapo Rub put on really, really thick and then put a thick sock over it and go to bed. It is gone by the time you wake up in the morning!!! One treatment! ... and cheap treatment at that! I thought 'oh, sure, no one-treatment will work on this' but I went and got the bottle of Vicks and slathered it on like he said. He said to put on an old white cotton sock for it to work the best. I did it just like he said mainly to appease him and because I didn't know what else to do. NO, JOKE, THE ATHLETE'S FOOT WAS GONE! GONE! GONE! My husband said to throw away the old sock and put on freshly washed and dried socks. He had me throw out all my summer sneakers since we suspected that one of them was the cause. Then, I rewashed all the socks and underwear (even the already washed) in HOT water and APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! I mopped the bathroom floor and cleaned the shower with APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! BE SURE NOT TO GO BARE FOOTED AND GIVE IT TO EVERYONE ELSE!

That is the first and last time I have had that awful athlete's foot! I hate to admit it, but, my husband was right! (Shoo! Quite! I don't want him to hear me say he was right!) That was about 15 years ago and I have been free of that abominable scourge. Vicks Vapo Rub!!! ONE TREATMENT!!!

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Will the itch go away quickly after applying the Vicks? Omg I' m dying...can't have another sleepless night


wow!vicks vapo rub is the way to go.I had this terrible itch on my upper arch of both feet, and tried the the above treatment and bingo i am another happy person that can identify that it does work.Day three it was no more itching and i can sleep like a baby.Thanks for sharing.


Yes i totally agree! Vicks is the way to go. Cheap and it works like a charm.

I rub vicks everymorning and every night and i have no problem with A.F


did the vicks burn your foot? mine are cut open between the toes from itching and im scared that it will burn


Thank you for this suggestion. I am going to try it. BTW, to the last poster, I have it between my pinky toe on my right foot and it is red raw where all the skin turned white and peeled away and I didn't care. I just put the vicks right on it. It doesn't sting. It just feels like a slow cold burn. But I prefer that to the insanity of the itching. :)


I'm trying his right now. It burns a little where you have open wounds but it's nothing compared to the burning itch of athletes foot I really hope this works.

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