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I was at my wits end until I came across this thread! I spent so much $ on prep H and other crap when my savior was 2 ingredients that I had in my kitchen! I made a past of turmeric and tea tree oil and put it on. The relief was almost immediate. I kept it on for a few hours when it began to sting a little. I was wearing an overnight pad in a effort to avoid a mess. I noticed a few red spot but chalked it up to the turmeric. I got in an epson salt bath for less then 10 mins ( i have serious add when it comes to baths) While waiting for the water to drain i ran hot water down over the inflamed area. When i got our i slathered even more of the turmeric paste on ..... but this time IT BURNED!!! I toughed it out and the pain eventually subsided. A few hours later I felt very wet back there. Upon investigation I realized cyst was draining it self! It smells to the high heavens but the relief is intoxicating!!! Still not 100% yet but Im giddy with relief!!!

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How do you make this paste ..

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