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Just like a few others i dont post things on sites like this. But i thought it would be fair to share whats worked for me. I guess i been struggling with my symptoms for about 2 years. Meds from dr helped but it came right back a few days when the meds were done. I LOVE coffee and now I learn with even one cup its throws things off so now I refrain from it. I have been sticking to tea and lemon to get my caffeine fix and seem to have no flare ups. I tried the coconut oil it did work but always seemed a challenge to get it in and half the time it felt like all came out. I tried the tampon rolled in it and that was easiler. I even refigerated some. so it would solidify and would break a chunk off and try to administer. Had to be quick cause it melted fast. things seemes to clear up by the next day. It was amazing with a AC vinegar it took away the smell almost immediately. I didnt douch, just sat in a warm tub with about a cup for 20 mins. Once i did that and let things take their course i was having the same symptoms again. :(
So.... i read about the kefir yogurt. Its really really tart. I been drinking about 1 cup a day with these wonder pills i discovered made from nature made. Its called digestive probiotics plus multivitamins FOR WOMEN. 30 day supply. So i take those pills and 1 cup a kefir yogurt and it seemed to do the trick. No more smell, or extra clear discharge. I feel back to my old self again. I also try to eat yogurt as a snack in my regular diet and thats been helping.
Thanks for reading my story and hope this helps someone else.

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