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I am a 49 year old female. The love of my life gave me herpes 20 years ago. First know the initial outbreaks are far worse than what you will experience after the first few. I have a mild outbreak about twice a year. Here are remedies that work for me; Epsom Salt baths-blow dry the area rather than towel dry, use a cool setting. Sprinkle cotton ball with baking soda and pat on effected area. I also get enormous relief from a peeled, pressed garlic clove. Place it on a cotton ball and press directly on sore; it will sting for a bit but then you will feel relief from the pain and itching. Keep it in place as long as you can, 10 minutes or so. If you chill the garlic glove first it will be even more soothing. Remember, the clove must be peeled and pressed (with back of a spoon or a knife). Your life is not ruined, you are still loveable! You are not dirty! Live your life and be honest with your partners!

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